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Emerging Trends in Indian Agriculture

Advancements in the field of science and technology along with the global urbanization are the major factors driving the course and evolution of agricultural research. Rise in per capita income in developing nations, occupational changes and global linkages have changed the food preferences.

These trends along with the increase in population pose a challenge to agriculture for producing more & better food. Increase in the productivity of agriculture by employing techniques of conventional (20th century) agriculture is posing a limitation. The threat to environment, due to dependence on chemical fertilizers and pesticides for increasing productivity and pest management respectively is major constraint affecting the global food production. These trends suggest that new innovations in agriculture are inevitably needed and these innovations should be integrated with the main stream agriculture (the big agriculture as we may call).

Digitization, Internet of Things and sustainability – these three megatrends are guiding many industries since more than a couple of years, and we would maybe not link them to fruit growing right away. However during a global search analysis, nine trends were identified linked to the megatrends digitization, IoT and sustainability that, are going to shape the branch in the upcoming years:-

Software-as-a-service solutions for orchard management
Yield monitoring and estimation
Farm management platforms
Utilization of drones
IoTs in farming
Smart agriculture machines Water management
Eco-friendly plant production products

Growers’ experience is a powerful source of knowledge to efficiently manage orchards and get good results out of them. Nevertheless, current specific circumstances, as more unstable climate conditions and stricter requirements of the market, are rising the need of higher accuracy in orchard analysis and more efficient decision-making processes.
The technology industry is quickly reacting to this need and there are many start-ups focusing on solutions to improve the quality and the speed of the decisions taken. These are usually software-based products that exploit the power of artificial intelligence, image recognition or data analysis to make the life of farmers easier.

In the context of digitization, we see three main trends that should attract your attention: software-as-a-service solutions for orchard management, yield monitoring and estimation and the growth of farm management integrated platforms.

Water is one of the most important resources for agriculture and the decisions about irrigation are crucial for growers. Therefore, getting more information and controlling tools for water can be strategic elements for a good growing process.